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Spindlewheel is a tarot-like storytelling rpg where you use cards as anchors to weave together a story with your friends.

The objective of the game is to tell a satisfying story. Your Character might win wealth and respect and come away from the adventure a better person; they might crash and burn, and end the story as a warning to others. Both of these are victories if they fit the arc of the story you’ve told, and bring satisfaction to you as a storyteller.

Together, interpret a spread of cards to build a World. Individually, interpret a spread of cards to create your Character, reading their strengths and weaknesses, their methods and their heart’s Desire; describe how they began, how they are, and how they will end with their Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos cards. Collect your Character’s cards into your Hand; play cards from it to describe what your character says, does, or what details you add to the story; or, draw cards into your Hand to introspect, and reflect on how your character feels or changes.

Use the concepts in the cards as anchors to justify your actions, as inspiration to add details and color to the scene, or as the jumping-off point for an idea you’re excited to explore. Like tarot cards, Spindlewheel cards have different meanings when inverted; you can pull from as much as both sides of the card, and as little as a single word.

Spindlewheel is a loom on which you weave stories, placing cards like threads to intertwine and complicate the tale. It’s also genre-agnostic: The deck might give you a Princess, a Plague, a Witch with a Cursed Sword, a Trickster, and a Tin Penny; whether it describes the fate of a kingdom or a bizarre encounter at a bus stop, is up to you!


QGCon Arcade!

Spindlewheel will be at the Queerness in Games Conference in Montreal this year!


Playdate at

LA Zine Fest

Spindlewheel had a wonderful showing with Playdate at LA Zine Fest!



Spindlewheel had a great showing at Protospiel San Jose! Click through here to see a twitter thread of some of the amazing stories told at the convention.